Tuesday, 14 May 2013

When I Grow Up

I am definitely in love with mustard yellow at the moment! I picked up this skirt for £6 from Traid in Clapham a couple of days ago, I just love how bright the colour is!!! The shirt is one I bought a couple of years ago from a charity shop, but I really liked the way it clashed with the skirt, i was feeling very bright for some reason!!! And the tights were an Ebay purchase. DSC03896 DSC03897 DSC03899 I wore this outfit to go and watch Matilda the Musical. I cannot recommend the show enough, it was so energetic, hilarious and enchantingly beautiful all at the same time. The children in it were so wonderfully talented and it was really inspiring to watch as someone who is currently auditioning for an acting course! 'When I Grow Up' was one of the many beautiful songs in the show, and I absolutely loved the swings!!! If you ever get a chance to go and see it, do not hesitate!!!!
Much love


  1. I am absolutely bursting to go to see Matilda!! I'm am loving this outfit. The colours are sooo lovely really fun, fresh, and springy! That mustard yellow was such a lovely choice. Those ebay tights too! I always forget to invest in fun tights! I'm pretty boring when it comes to tights...and always think afterwards....oh...novelty tights!

    Where are those lovely shoes from by the way?? xxx Rebecca

    1. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen (and that's coming from a huge musical theatre geek haha) definitely go if you get chance, it's just a shame tickets are so expensive for shows because I really want to go see it again now!!!
      and thank you so much! i'm the same with tights, i wear plain ones so much so i forced myself to look for a nice pair the other day!! I'd really like a pair of fun printed ones though!

      and they're from topshop about 2 years ago now, hence why they're a bit battered looking! I think they brought out a similar pair last summer though, so they probably will again this year!

  2. Love your outfit! the colours!
    really suits you :)

  3. You look beyond lovely! So pretty :) Florals and lace look so good on you!xx

  4. Ah I work right by where Matilda is showing. One of the little girls in it gets on my train, her picture is on the front of the theatre lol. x

  5. You look so cute! I really need to see Matilda.


  6. Love your skirt <3 <3 You look so pretty!!!


  7. you're so adorable! love your smile! xx