Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Story So Far

Good afternoon everyone! 
These photos are from the day my mom and stepdad came to London for the day before I started back at uni. We had a super fun time, we went to see a hilarious play called 'A Chorus of Disapproval' with Rob Brydon in it, and afterwards met up with my stepsister who also lives in London and went for a delicious meal. 

I wore this beautiful dress I bought from a vintage shop called Rejuvenate in Brixton Village. It was knee length but I decided to shorten it to give it more of a 1960s feel. I've been a bit obsessed with looking at photos of 60s fashions recently, particularly pictures of the gorgeous Pattie Boyd, which I think definitely translated onto this outfit.
Before I shortened the dress, I wasn't sure how short to go so I gave my Nan a ring to ask her how short she had her dresses in the 1960s, as she used to make all her own dresses. She told me she used to wear them as short as she possibly could, so I decided to take her advice and go super short!

Here's me with my lovely mom... she looks younger than me here!!

Also since I've been back in London I have been very good and tried to avoid shopping as much as possible, but I couldn't resist these beautiful tiles I found in one of the charity shops near where I live. They now have pride of place in my bedroom! 

Much love,

Jodi Pops

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  1. The tiles are sooo cute! :)

    <3 Julia