Sunday, 2 September 2012


It was my boyfriend's 25th birthday this week, and after weeks of agonising over what to get the guy who has everything, I decided to take him for a night in a B&B in our favourite place, Brighton. The B&B, Motel Schmotel, was absolutely lovely, and I would definitely love to stop there again next time I visit Brighton (I already want to go back!!!!)  
Our sweet little room... how lovely are those cushions?????
On the day we arrived, the weather wasn't too great, so we spent the day wandering around the lanes, looking through the amazing vintage and antique shops. I was in heaven! There are so many brilliant shops that are jam packed with gorgeous vintage pieces and antique trinkets. Unfortunately, I didn't actually buy anything, despite falling in love with a gorgeous vintage velvet dress, because I need to save my money for Bestival next week and for going back to London!!!

After a few hours wandering around and window shopping, we sat in a little cafe and had a delicious cream tea. I'm usually more of a savoury food kind of girl but cream tea is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine!
After a great day shopping and eating (my favourite two hobbies) we went for a wander along the seafront. I absolutely love this carousel... it's so beautiful!
A snap of the famous Brighton Pier... More of the pier to come in my next post!
I wore this embroidered 50s playsuit that I bought from Etsy at the beginning of summer. It's actually a swimsuit and it's so well made, beautifully lined with a structured bodice. As my Nanna Freda said when she first saw me wearing this, they don't make clothes as well as they used to. I just adore the embroidered flowers all over it.
In my hair I wore this red spotty headband from Sainsbury's that I felt went with the 50s vibe of my outfit, and on my feet I wore my beloved New Look crocheted boots and some mint green frilly socks from Topshop. 
It wasn't too warm so I also wore this cardigan for most of the day, it's a Topshop number from about 5 years ago, I just love the little metallic bows on the front.

Now someone take me back to Brighton please!!!!
Much love,
Jodi Pops


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun, I'd really like to go to Brighton! I love your playsuit!!xx

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