Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Best Friend is Back From Australia!

I'm just so happy about it!!!!!! My beautiful best friend, Jo, is finally back from 2 months in Australia. It sounds like she had the best time, I'm so jealous. One day, possibly once I've finished my degree, I would really love to go out there and spend some time there, it really does sound amazing. There are so many places I want to visit when I can actually afford to travel, but Melbourne is definitely on my list.

She also returned bearing gifts from her and her lovely sister Nita (who lives out there) which I'm just so pleased with I just had to show you guys.
 If you've never tried Promite, then you really have to. It's so much better than Marmite or Vegemite.
I have a tendency to get anxious and worry about things, which in turn makes me really down, so recently I've been looking into wtays to help me become calmer and more relaxed. Jo's sister Nita sent me this book back with Jo and it really is amazing, I am so grateful. It's really informative and easy to understand, as well as covering a wide range of the different uses of aromatherapy. I can't wait to read it properly and learn more about the power of aromatherapy oils. 

Jodi Pops


  1. where did you get those fab suede shorts?!!

    Love the blog dear (:

    Newest follower!!

    xoxo Effy

    1. I made them! they did originally have pearls sewn on them but they all fell off :( i'm gonna redo them at some point though!

      and thank you very much! xxxxx