Monday, 2 April 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Review

I'm coming to the end of the bottle of my beloved Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising Foundation (one bottle of it has lasted me over a year!) and so I thought rather than just straight away buying another bottle of it, I'd use this as a chance to try out some other foundations, just to see see if there is anything else out there that I like as much!

As far as foundation goes, I like ones that have a kind of dewy, luminous finish. I think a matte finish can look really beautiful, but as I have very dry skin I find that using a matte foundation counteracts all my efforts to moisturise my skin. Also matte foundations often really dry up on my skin, looking really obvious and making me look a bit too 'done'. For my skin type, I find that a subtle luminous finish can look much more natural and healthy.

So I did a little bit of internet research to find some similar products to test out - I've tried samples of Dior Sculpt, Dior Eclat Satin, Armani Luminous Silk Foundation amongst  others, but found none of these really compared to Bobbi Brown's foundation.

However, while visiting my Dad in Manchester yesterday, I popped into Debenhams and asked for a sample of Chanel's Vitalumiere foundation, which I've heard really good things about.
I've only got a sample of it in a tiny bottle at the moment, but usually, the packaging looks like this:
What mainly attracts me to this foundation over the Bobbi Brown foundation is that it contains SPF. I'm very fair skinned and I do sometimes worry what damage sun exposure will cause to my skin. I know that the UK isn't sunny very often, but you can never be too careful!

The first thing I noticed about this foundation is it's smell. A few of the other foundations I've recently tried, especially the Dior Sculpt had a really strong, unpleasant smell. However, the Chanel foundation smells lovely.

The foundation has a lovely, light creamy texture that goes well onto the skin and feels really nice and moisturising. As far as coverage goes, I'd say it had a light - medium coverage, slightly heavier than my Bobbi Brown foundation but still very light. Personally, I prefer a light coverage, as I wear a lot of bright lipsticks so I try to make sure everything else looks natural to avoid looking overly made up! 
However, I think with this foundation it would be easy to build the coverage up depending on your preference. 

Here's how it looks on my skin in natural light (paired with one of my favourite lipsticks of course!): 

And here's what it looks like with my camera flash on,

As you can see, it really gives the skin a nice subtle glow without looking too shiny. In these photos I'm wearing shade 10 - Limpide, which is their lightest shade. It's definitely brightened up my skin - it's been looking a little tired recently from too much revision and not enough sleep! The only thing I'm unsure about with this foundation is the fact that the shade looks a little but yellowy on my skin and a tiny bit too dark. I'm a bit disappointed really that such a lovely foundation has such a limited number of shades, as this doesn't match my skin tone quite as well as I'd like.

After my first use, I'm do really like this foundation overall and am considering investing in a bottle to replace the Bobbi Brown foundation! 
I realise that at £33 for a 30ml bottle, this foundation is quite expensive, but my philosophy with make up is to buy the best you can afford, because it's something you wear pretty much every single day. I buy most of my clothes cheap from charity shops or thrift/ vintage stores, but make up is the one thing I won't scrimp on. Besides, I find that more costly products last longer - like I said earlier my 30ml Bobbi Brown foundation has lasted me over a year and I also had a Mac cream blusher that I used every day that I had for about 3 years before I had to buy a new one! Definitely worth the investment.

Let me know whether you found my review helpful, and also let me know about your own favourite foundations and what you find works best for your skin type.

Jodi Pops 


  1. You have really nice skin! I'm so jealous.x

    1. ah thank you! i think it's down to the foundation making it look nice though! x

  2. the bobie brown one is awsome, i always use bobbi's stuff and i'm soooo happy with them!!

    1. yess i do love bobbi brown, i'm still undecided between the two! x

  3. Hi! i need your help. im looking for a foundation. i have dry skin and want medium to full coverage with shiny glowy flawless finish.
    im confused between BOBBI BROWN luminous moisturing foundation and CHANEL PERFECT LUMIERE long wear flawless fluid.
    help me decide the best one for nice coverage with glowing look.
    thanks alot :)

  4. What did you decide jodi:-). I am torn between the two. Hoping you tried Chanel and have a thorough output on both. Thanks!

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  6. I have the exact problem you have in that I have this foundation but it's slightly too dark. I was a bit miffed because I do really like the finish but could only wear it in summer when I am a little bit more tanned. I managed to get around it however by putting down two coats of Chanel Le Blanc illuminating fluid on my face before applying the foundation. It is lovely and dewy itself and is a white colour on the skin, when I put the foundation over it it really brings down the tone! X