Thursday, 9 February 2012

I Forgot My Keys Charity Shop Haul

So although I've decided to ban myself from shopping until I go home to Wolverhampton in a couple of weeks time, yesterday I got locked out my house and decided to hit the charity shops to keep warm/ kill time until my housemates got home to let me in!
First off I spotted this copy of 'A Clockwork Orange'. I study English Literature so I don't really get much time to do any reading that's not for my course, but I've wanted to read this for ages so hopefully I'll find the time some time soon!
One day when I'm a grown up and have my own house I want to have a massive bookshelf of classics, so whenever I see books like this going cheap (this was only £1.50), I use this as an excuse to buy them ha!

Also I picked up this  pearl bracelet for just £1. 
For my birthday night out I made some hotpants out of a pair of velvet leggings I bought from a charity shop (blog post to come about them soon) and sewed pearls all over them. However, I rushed making them  and didn't sew the pearls on very well, so throughout the night I lost most of the pearls... Anyway, I'm probably gonna take the few surviving pearls off and replace them with the pearls off this bracelet. 

My favourite purchase of the day however was this jumper, it's just so great! I really wish I'd found it before Christmas because it would have been perfect for christmas day!

Although it's pretty christmassy, I'm wearing it with velvet glittery shorts and a lace collar, to try and bring something sparkly to this otherwise horribly dull february.

Happy February!



  1. Love the shorts!!!


  2. I like your blog, I'm following you now! :)


  3. Those shorts are extremely cute!

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