Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tapestry Bags and Outfit of the Day

So my Nan let me have these beautiful tapestry bags that she's had living above her wardrobe for ages. I couldn't believe it when I saw them, I've been searching for a tapestry holdall that I can use travelling back and forth from London to Wolverhampton for months! I was so happy let me have it and also found out another smaller bag that she said I could have too. I am very lucky! She also spent some time showing me her old clothes from when she was younger, including some amazing jumpsuits and dresses with shoulder pads, she has such a great wardrobe!

This is the bigger holdall, it will be perfect for when I come home on the train for weekends.

And this is the other slightly smaller one.

At the moment I am also loving sparkly things and the other day I bought a black shirt with a beaded collar for £3.75 from a charity shop. I love the charity shops in Wolverhampton, they're so much cheaper than the ones in London! 

Here I'm wearing the shirt under a sparkly t-shirt I bought ages ago also in a charity shop in Wolverhampton, my sister's Dr. Martens and my lovely new bag. I fastened the collar with a cute elephant brooch my other nan gave me when I was really young. I have such great nans!



  1. Wow! Love the dress!!

    Please visit my blog:)

  2. ah tapestry bags are a new love. i recently got a hold of a carpet bag! i love your hair and you look adorable x

  3. I ♥ that bag!:)
    folowed? :)

  4. lovee tapestry bags too! the ones you have are so nice! i also loveeee your outfit and the docs are so cool!

  5. Those tapestry bags are lovely!!! And I'm sorry about your vintage necklace, I'd be gutted!!! Xxx


  6. thank you!!! and my boyfriend fixed the necklace for me, so i've been very lucky!!!